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You Are What You Eat

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

What is food? Food is defined as any nutritional substance that organisms consume to maintain life and growth. From this definition, what stands out to me is the word nutritious. Just think about it. If food is supposed to help us maintain life and promote growth, what are you eating that do not?

I like to eat. I'm actually a lover of snacks and appetizers. There's something about eating that bring me to a calm state. I must admit though that I have developed habits of skipping meals in the past, allowing work to take the place of nourishment. I remember moments when my body would crave food. It would speak to me in every way it could to get my attention. I compare this same behavior to a child throwing a temper tantrum or an impatient adult because he or she did not get their way. When we lack what we need, we respond uncontrollably.

Similarly, even when we satisfy ourselves with food that lack nutritional value, after a while our bodies react in ways we would rather it not. So it's not just about eating, rather it's about knowing what to eat and how often we need it. The same applies with life. We know we must work, but work should not consume us. We gravitate to love, but often look for love in the wrong places. We know we must eat, but what we ingest over time (good or bad) becomes a manifestation of who we are.

If we take our vitamins, drink plenty of water, detox and exercise, our exterior will reflect what's within. Contrary, if we resort to the convenience of fast food with an unlimited portion control, our bodies will show unfavorable results.

Self-control shapes how we manage our lives. Without it, every response will be through desperation and most of what will manifest as a result from it will not be what we desire. Imagine if we pray daily, exercise regularly, get proper rest and incorporate a healthy diet how much better our outlook on life would be. When we feel good, we exercise goodness. When we gain strength, we can encourage others. When we are well rested, we can make better decisions. When we ingest enough of God's word, we access spiritual fruit.

You are what you eat. Be the nutritional substance that gives life to others and help them grow.

Eating healthy can be effortless! Check out this quick, easy and tasty Shrimp & Chicken Pasta Bowl.

-Dr. Candus

Shrimp & Chicken Pasta Bowl

8 ounce Fettuccini

Chicken Breast (Optional)

1 Pound Peeled Shrimp

4 Minced Garlic Cloves

Chopped Fresh Parsley Leaves

Kosher Salt and Ground Black Pepper


Squeezed Lemon

1 Stick of Light Butter

Parmesan Cheese (Optional)

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