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Favorite CORE Exercise Equipment for Working Out At Home

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Since I was a child, I have always been a tomboy. I was rough, tough and loved the outdoors. An active lifestyle was natural for me even prior to participating in organized sports. Once my college sports days ended, the fitness drive never went away. Do I always enjoy working out? NO! Some days are better than others, but that's life and I dare to NOT make excuses. As I've gotten older and steered away from the gym, I brought the gym to my home. Below are some of my favorite exercise equipment I use at home. Some things we were taught as kids never went away. I guess the kid in me still exists.

Below are items that will enhance performance during workouts. You will also find these items are great for my CORE challenges.

Although beauty comes from the soul, taking care of our physical exterior will also amplify the natural beauty God graced us with. While we're on our journey to experiencing a lifestyle change of fitness and health, looking the part motivates us in the process, at least it motivates me. As a parent, although I love to dress up in heels and skirts, activewear and tennis shoes is more practical for everyday wear. Plus, it motivates me to exercise, especially on days I don't feel like it, and the savings from this brand is bonus. For more options, check out my link below. Discount Code: DRCANDUS15

Since I was a child, jumping rope has been a fun hobby for me. Although I never caught on to double-dutch, I gained a few skills such as criss-cross and jump roping backwards. I soon realized it was the perfect equipment I needed for cardio and coordination, and I still jump rope today! This jump rope is also adjustable. My routine is high speeds at 30 second intervals, then increase to 45 seconds, then 60 seconds. It's the perfect way to exercise while on a budget! Try yours today!

Okay, so I was never a fan of yoga or pilates until this past year. Once I committed to a yoga workout one day, I found myself sweating bullets! So odd for me because I never sweat that much! Plus, the very next day, every muscle in my entire body was sore! Since then, I was hooked because I noticed how beneficial stretching was for my body, plus it helped sculpt a lean physique. This yoga mat is also great for CORE training! Ready to exercise your CORE? This mat is for you!

Weight training has been part of my regimen since I was in middle school. I've always had a muscular and lean physique, but my arms have always been thin. These 10 pound dumbbells have helped add muscle mass, plus they have been one of my best tools for squats and CORE exercises. Today, I'm stronger than ever. Need a pair? Click on the link below.

Okay you all, these are sleeves I hate to love, but am grateful to have! I recently ordered these from Amazon and it changed my entire life! Not really, but it has really helped me gauge how strong my CORE is and sculpt my abs. I highly recommend these!

Once upon a time, I could not move this wheel! I was definitely weak in my CORE and totally gave up on it. I recently began to embed this wheel in my routine and am able to experience a great workout and actually move this thing! This is another fav I have grown to love. Through consistency, what I once gave up on is something that has enhanced my strength tremendous

Medicine balls are items I have been using since middle school. I often alternate from using dumbbells to medicine balls, but these are also great for various exercises. If you have some, this rack is an easy way to neatly organize your equipment. Highly recommended.

Okay, you may have noticed this bench from my

CORE Ex-E-R-C-I-S-E video playlist on YouTube. This bench is my everything. I love exercising my legs, so I mainly utilize this bench for this, but I also target arms with a bar or free weights on this 6 position adjustable bench. So worth it.

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