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Plank-in' Along So Patiently

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

If any of you have tried to build your core muscles, you know it requires discipline, strength and patience. If only the things we want in life could not be so difficult to achieve!

Unfortunately, well-defined abs and the ability to balance are goals everyone has not reached, but this does not mean we do not have the ability to achieve them. For many people, because effort and grit are not exerted, they never live to discover the potential they have. The bridge between the vision and the manifestation of many things we desire is composed through our faith, work and patience. Patience is defined as the ability to tolerate or accept delay, trouble or suffering without getting upset. However, the biblical definition of patience reflects a quality of self-restraint or not giving way to anger even when provoked. When we exemplify patience, we demonstrate the ability to remain under God's will even when our flesh fight against it. Patience comes with total submission and in order to produce the fruit, we must understand and be willing to remain steadfast and honor our commitment.

Planks are exercises many people do to tone their abs. Although a plank position does not appear to be difficult to achieve, remaining in it for a while becomes difficult. Holding our positions in life is not always the most comfortable thing to do. When people challenge us and our faith is tested, it's often difficult for us to grad hold to self-control. When we're tempted to give up on the diet because we're not seeing the results we desire, it's hard to not give in to the temptation. When we're trusting God for changes to occur, it's just as difficult to give up and try things our own way when it seems nothing is happening. When our arms get tired from remaining in the plank position, it's tough to remain there.

One thing we must realize is that giving up terminates our chances of achieving our goals. When we remain in God's authority, in tough seasons He will give us strength and lead us through. "Patience produces character, and character produces hope" (Romans 5:4). The great thing about patience is that with it, not only do we meet our goals, we also acquire all the benefits of this virtuous fruit.

Remain in God's protective covering. In doing so, you're gaining experience, building character and are in alignment with God's plan on His path.

So stay patient, keep enduring, and Ex-E-R-C-I-S-E your CORE! In due time, you will reap harvest!

-Dr. Candus

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