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An Apple A Day Increases The Faith

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

You know the phrase. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why? Because apples are loaded with benefits that keep us healthy. They reduce stroke risks, lower levels of bad cholesterol, improves brain health and reduces risks for diabetes. With all of this information, why not invest in them and add them to your diet?

It's one thing to obtain the apple, yet another to indulge in it. I once bought an entire bag of them (they were on sale) with every intention to eat it. I love apples, but interestingly, because I had a surplus of them, I took for granted all it could offer me not to mention the fact that they were available to me. In my mind, I had access to them and I could have one whenever I felt the craving. Two weeks passed and they rotted. All of them. I did not eat a single one.

With all information about how to improve our health physically and spiritually at our fingertips, we still make daily choices that appease our wants rather than our needs.

What will you do with your apple?

What will you do with the living word?

Prior to that experience, my norm was purchasing a few apples at a time. When I ran out, I desired more. It's interesting how we crave surplus, yet when we have them we quickly lose interest in it. More importantly, we take for granted what we have and crave what we lack.

This message is twofold. It's possible that we experience lean seasons so we can gain humility and appreciation for what we have and evaluate what we desire and why. Do we truly want that car or is it something we're coveting? Contrary, when God provide us with the things we asked for, such as the relationship, the promotion or good health, do we nurture it or let it go to waste? Ultimately, God is conditioning us to grow stronger in character to fulfil His will. When a doctor prescribes physical therapy and medication during recovery, it's important we follow what's ordered. When we neglect to take in all God has provided for us, it's difficult to heal from the loss, have joy during difficult times or have peace in seasons of wait.

So what's your apple? Is it the living word? Is it prayer time. Is it meditation or simply taking a break?

Whatever it is, just remember that an apple a day increases the faith.

-Dr. Candus

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